One of the easiest and most common ways for you to support the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is with a gift of cash. Cash can be used to support our work in the form of:

An outright gift. By making a cash gift by check, credit card or money order today, you enable us to meet our most urgent needs and carry out our mission on a daily basis. You will have the opportunity to see your generosity in action and will also receive a federal income tax charitable deduction, when you itemize.

A payable on death (POD) account. A POD bank account or certificate of deposit names one or more persons or charities as the beneficiary of all funds once you, the account owner, pass away. The beneficiary you name has no rights to the funds until after your lifetime. Until that time, you remain in control and are free to use the money in the bank account, change the beneficiary or close the account.

There are several other ways to make cash donations as part of the gift types below. To learn more, click on the links below.

Ways to Use Cash

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Next Steps

  1. Contact Lindsay Cameron at 571.386.2643 or for additional information on giving a gift of cash.
  2. Seek the advice of your financial or legal adviser.
  3. If you include the Scholarship Foundation in your plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID.

Legal Name: Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Inc.
Address: 909 N. Washington Street, Suite 400, Alexandria, VA 22314
Federal Tax ID Number: 22-1905062

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Not Sure How to Begin Planning?

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